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As A Veteran and a Jewelry Artist, Joshua Farrally Draws on His Military Background and Young Family For Inspiration

MEET REAL JEWELRY ARTISTS: Joshua Farrally / Kansas City, MO / Paracord Bracelets Following his own departure from the military, Joshua Farrally entered a new type of service as a full time stay-at-home dad so that his wife could continue … Continue reading

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U.S. Men Now Wearing More Jewelry – Welcome to the Party Guys!

The New York Times ran an intriguing piece this week on the uptick in consumption of Jewelry by American and European men. I can’t speak for our brothers across the pond, but it doesn’t take a sleuth to see that dudes … Continue reading

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Matching Jewelry and Stones to Marsala & Pantone’s Other Spring 2015 “En Plein Air” Color Choices – A Hunter Ridge Spring Jewelry Guide

Pantone’s annual color report is out and its time to consider the jewelry that best compliments the season’s colors and attitude. Spring is generally a time for awakenings – metaphorically and physically – and is thus a great time to … Continue reading

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Interesting new finds…

While I haven’t lived up to my promise to update this topic weekly (been real busy sourcing new product!) I figured now was as a good a time as ever to brag about just a few of the interesting pairs … Continue reading

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Big, Bold, Natural Gemstone Rings

We’ll be featuring some gorgeous natural gemstone rings in the coming weeks. These rings are awesome in their hugeness! Enjoy these preview photos. The marquise shaped ring is rainbow moonstone and the other two are labradorite. These will be the … Continue reading

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JEWELRY as an INVESTMENT for the Regular Person

  Contrary to popular belief, jewelry can be a valuable and dependable form of investment — if it is acquired intelligently with a focus on current value.  In fact, for most of human history, jewelry was a simple, dependable and … Continue reading

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The Difference between Silver, Sterling Silver, 900 Silver, 800 Silver, Alpaca, Nickel Silver and Silver Plated Jewelry

This article looks at the difference between the various metals used for jewelry that include the word “Silver” or are often mistaken for silver. It is a companion piece to our article on gold and gold jewelry. If you buy … Continue reading

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