We are, quite simply, jewelry-obsessed. The purpose of this blog is to share that obsession with our friends, customers and the global public by providing accurate and insightful information on all things jewelry.

First and foremost, we are collectors and aficionados of jewelry.  For us, jewelry is not simply a material good, but rather a form of artistic expression – both by the designer/creator and the wearer. Most of us here at Hunter Ridge are also jewelry artisans in our right.

We buy thousands of individual pieces every month and offer many of them in our online store. We carry everything from the one of the kind antique studio piece to simple contemporary standbys. Feel free to peruse our inventory, ask questions and share in the obsession.

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7 Responses to About

  1. Michelle says:

    I bought a tiffany bracelet at a vintage shop. Can you let me know if it is fake or not? I can email you pictures. What is your email address? Thanks!

  2. Tina Ryan says:

    yes I was wondering did you read that is being sold on eBay that is got the 95 Stamper if it’s said to be sad if it’s not real silver is it considered a good quality of costume jewelry I mean is it a good material to wire if you can’t afford the real thing it’s very cheap and it’s very pretty but I was just wondering if it was going to tarnish or turn color really fast basically I just want to know if its worth even fooling with it if its just for personal use or if its for an inexpensive gift giving

    • hunterridge says:

      Hi and thanks for your question. There are many marks like this used in China and parts of South Asia to denote silver plating. The intent of the markings in unclear. Some people feel they are designed to mislead consumers into believing an item is solid silver while others feel they are simply denoting marks such as “SP” or “GP”. Most of these items are plated and then treated with a tarnish guard or lacquer. Initially, they will appear brighter and more tarnish resistant than solid silver. With time and use however, the finish wears thin and the underlying base metal is exposed. My personal opinion is that they are perfecty suitable for making jewelry as long as you understand its not actually silver and disclose candidly to others that its not silver. Jewelry is, at the end of the day, for purposes of adornment. Thus the wearer should judge whether they prefer the look of silver or real silver (and the price that goes with it). Thanks again and I hope that was helpful.

  3. Ellen says:

    I am searching for a bracelet just like the Sterling Silver Chain Bracelet w Multi Color Glass Evil Eyes DGS Turkey 8″ that is on your eBay site, however the one I want has all light blue glass throughout. Do you have one like that or have you seen it? I’m hoping to replace mine that broke.

  4. CINDY Banta says:

    I find your article on spotting fake Tiffany very informative except for one thing. You state in one section, “There are still some details which give it away as a fake. Let’s start with the Back of the donut loop. The 925 mark is askew, uneven and off strike.” and this is incorrect information. Tiffany NEVER stamps 295 on the back of the lifesavers. (donut loop) You might want to delete that section.

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