Vintage Peruvian Silver Panel Bracelets: Big, Bold and Beautiful


The stunning bracelet above is a massive 82 gram Peruvian artisan bracelet crafted from solid 900 Silver (See our article on Silver for more info on 900 Silver).

These bracelets are a traditional Peruvian art jewelry form and usually incorporate a combination of indigenous motifs (e.g. Wari) and post-Columbian symbolism. They are made in a variety of sizes but the classic examples are large, bold bracelets that provide a stylish cuff for sleeveless outfits.

A safety chain is absolutely essential given their weight, value and hand-worked clasps. In the photo below, you can see the pass through safety chain on the bottom of the bracelet. Unlike a clasping chain, this chain is passed over the wrist almost like second bracelet and guarantees that the bracelet will not be lost even if the wearer is active.

Peruvian panel bracelets are usually marked with at a least fineness mark, in this case, 900.


Most of the Peruvian panel bracelets we come across are on the large side, but we do occasionally encounter much smaller ones like the bracelet that appears below. This smaller bracelet is child sized and sheer hook clasp as seen in the photo below – the clasp creates a seamless closure giving it an “endless loop” look.

bracelet3 bracelet4

Peruvian panel bracelets have not yet become very popular and thus remain a great deal in the marketplace. We recently sold the smaller one for just $40.00 and are offering the larger bracelet at a very reasonable price. Newer pieces can be found for under $100.00 and an occasional auction piece can be had for close to scrap value – if you’re willing to take a chance.

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