Is It Safe to Buy Jewelry on eBay?

IS IT SAFE to buy jewelry on………..  eBay1 Yes it is, and in the interest of full disclosure I should mention that I buy and sell Jewelry on eBay every single day. I’ve also got a whole bunch of brick and mortar stores that I absolutely love to visit and shop at – in my own city, around the Country and in some of favorite places around the world.  In many ways, though, you are better off buying jewelry on eBay than in a traditional brick and mortar store. Here’s why:

  1.  You will always get more for your dollar on eBay. Companies and individuals selling jewelry through eBay have much lower overhead than a traditional jewelry store. They don’t have to pay high retail rent, exorbitant insurance costs or sales representative salaries. This allows eBay sellers to offer quality jewelry items at significantly lower prices than a traditional store.
  2. On any given day, there are millions (usually about 6-7 million) pieces of jewelry offered for sale on eBay. This variety and depth of inventory simply cannot be matched by a traditional jewelry store. No matter what you are looking for, “It’s on eBay”.
  3.  eBay’s extensive feedback system allows you to see exactly the type of dealer you are buying from. When you walk into an unfamiliar brick and mortar jewelry store, you have no way of knowing whether other people have had a positive experience with that particular jeweler. Even if one friend was happy with them, you have no way of knowing how the majority of customers fared. There is no “Star Rating” on the outside of the store – so you are taking gamble on what you’re buying. On eBay, you can read hundreds or thousands of reviews from other customers who have dealt with the person you are buying from. This system allows you to know up front that you are dealing with an honest, reputable jeweler who cares about customer satisfaction.
  4.  eBay and PayPal both offer unparalleled buyer protection policies. Pretty much everything you buy on eBay is guaranteed by eBay’s buyer protection policy. If you buy something, and it arrives damaged, is the wrong size, is the wrong color, or is any way not as it was described by the seller – eBay will protect your purchase up the full cost of the item plus shipping. There is no better buyer protection policy around. Regular brick and mortar jewelry stores are not covered by these policies. You are subject to the store’s return policy and the whims of the store manager. Who wants to deal with that when buying a piece of jewelry?

How Can I make sure I have the best jewelry buying experience on eBay?

This is simple – buy your jewelry from eBay’s “Top Rated Plus Sellers”. These are jewelry dealers who have passed through a rigorous customer ratings process. They are the “Navy Seals” of the eBay selling universe.

Other things you can do to ensure a smooth buying experience include:

  1. Focus on dealers with at least 1000 feedback. These are seasoned eBay sellers who strive to satisfy every customer.
  2. Make sure the dealer offers hassle free returns and FREE SHIPPING.  This will guarantee that if you are not happy with a purchase, for any reason, you can return in for a full refund.
  3. Pay careful attention to titles and item descriptions. eBay dealers have limited number of space for the titles of items. It is not always possible to include every detail in the title.  If an item has ANY condition issues                   whatsoever, they should be prominently described, in detail, in the body of the item description.
  4.  Inspect photos carefully. Experienced eBay jewelry dealers will provide multiple detailed photos of each item from different angles. Also pay attention to the size of the item. A good seller will always include a common item in the photos so that you can accurately determine the size of the item.

     Here’s a close up of a Sterling Silver and Enamle Pendant from our eBay store. Note that you can see important details like how the enamel cabs are set and the tarnish on the inside of the loop.

    Here’s a close up of a Sterling Silver and Enamel Pendant from our eBay store. Note that you can see important details like how the enamel cabs are set and the tarnish on the inside of the loop.

  5. Ask Questions! Always feel free to ask questions. Top Rated Sellers are professionals who are happy to answer any questions you may have. Generally you should allow up to 24 hours for a response.
  6. If you buy an item and are unsatisfied, reach out to the dealer from you bought it through eBay’s messaging system or by email. 99% of the time the dealer will be more than happy to resolve any issues.
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One Response to Is It Safe to Buy Jewelry on eBay?

  1. hunterridge says:

    Buying jewelry on ebay is safe as long as you follow these simple rules!

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